The Parish of Burchetts Green

The Rev'd Tina Molyneux asks where’s the good news gone?

Well, the new term is well underway: here begins the autumn. The good news is that the TV schedules are full again, drama has returned, and the long-awaited Downton Abbey is at last back with us. The bad news is that we are all still in mourning for the loss of the Olympics and Paralympics, not least because they gave us a shared sense of hope and a proliferation of good news. One of my favourite sing ers, Emilie Sande, sang at both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Her song Read all about it was a poignant narrative of how we have rediscovered our sense of spirit, belief and hope. She sang

You've got the words to change a nation

But you're biting your tongue

You've spent a life time stuck in silence

afraid you'll say something wrong, there's no need to be ashamed

You've got the light to fight the shadows

so stop hiding it away

Come on, come on, come on, come on

I want to sing,1 want to shout

I want scream till the words dry out

so put it in all of the papers,

I'm not afraid

They can read all about it

Now we're finally finding our voices

so take a chance, come help.

Sharing in the joy of the good, of positive human spirit and achievement may have been out of fashion, but that's what we did week after joyous week through the summer - looking for the good in others and sharing the good in ourselves. This positive spirit was both infectious and inspiring, which is why after weeks of basking in the Olympic flame of positivity, I've found the jump back into the metaphorical, 'bad news gutter' depressing. The news is once again dominated by tragedy pain and heartache. The good news stories have been replaced with a diet of scandal, to alternatively entertain and distract us.

Whilst the national psyche might be flickering, we have many good news stories here. Our churches and communities are littered with small-scale examples of people wanting to support each other, and unsung heroes who, through their daily acts of selflessness make the things happen that the rest of us take for granted.

I believe and hope that there is still an 'Olympic uplift' factor occurring spiritually and physically judging from the amount of people exercising around me! So, I would like to ask you to hop, skip and jump (to continue the Olympic theme) with me, on the band wagon of good will and keep this flame burning. As Christian neighbours our role is to serve our communities in many and imaginative ways, supporting those in need. We need 'YOU' to join us to 'be' community in this place, to look after each other. Please do let us know if you would like to volunteer to help in the many and varied projects and roles the church contributes to. We need you - share your gifts with us!

Let's write our own good news and,as Jesus has called us to the starting line, let's be the 'good news' that our neighbours read about.