The Parish of Burchetts Green


By Rev Keith


I find it hard to believe that by the time you read this, the longest day will have come and gone and we will be into the second half of the year. At least summer seems to have arrived and the rain has stopped falling for the moment and our minds turn to holidays and for some, anyway, less busy times.

How time flies by! Or is it just that I'm getting old that makes each year seem to pass more quickly than the previous one. Whatever, I will make no apology for drawing your attention to two events that will be happening after die holiday period is over.

A Grand Day Out

Firstly, the Oxford Diocese 'Grand Day Out' on September 20.This is a 'day ouf for the whole church family. That's everyone who lives in the Diocese and/ or worships in the 815 churches in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. At the same time we'll give thanks for Bishop John's ministry among us as he retires at the end of October.

The day will be framed by worship. There will be a number of inspiring speakers sharing their stories of living out their faith in the 21st century - and challenging us to stretch our imagination. At lunchtime, everyone is invited to bring a picnic so that we can gather together on Christ Church Meadow - complete with a brassband. The events are all free - but we will need to book in so the Diocese will have

some idea of numbers. I hope that many of you will want to join in this celebration. There be further information in the Notice Sheets and on the website. For now, please reserve the date in your diary.


Cursillo, a Spanish word meaning 'short course in Christianity' is 'a movement of the Church, providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and enabled to share God's love with every one.' Initially you go on a weekend (Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon).

Cursillo is aimed at those of you who already have some knowledge of Christianity and the church and who wish to give some time to refresh and energise your faith. Weekends are held at the beautiful retreat centre of Douai Abbey at Woolhampton, just off the A4 between Reading and Newbury. The next week end in Oxford Diocese is October 24 to 27.

I'd belter admit that I will be part of the team this time ...maybe you would prefer to wait until next year (April 16- 19)! Once again, more information will be available shortly - but if you are interested in the October weekend please let me know. May I wish you alla joyous, relaxing and refreshing holiday period.