The Parish of Burchetts Green


Comfortable words and comfortable places

The Book of Common Prayer communion service has a section that begins 'Hear what comfortable words our Saviour Christ saith unto all who truly turn to Him.' That phrase 'comfortable words' appeals to me. When we are busy or feel a bit down we need to be comforted. We will all have different scriptures that have meant a lot to us, so why not take a small notebook, write them down and return to them when feeling low.

Knocking the nails back in

There are other things that help 'knock the nails back in' when we feel dry or defeated. At one time my journey home from work would take me past the beautiful village church where Pam and I got married and I would pull in for a minute or two and just watch in the quiet and allow God to refresh me before I went home. This sustained me through many a work crisis. Although I no longer pass by that church, I still return there occasionally when I need to remember. You may also find a place of refreshment, somewhere where you have experienced God in the past, or for you it may be the weekly Eucharist, or a traditional service. Return there when running on empty, I have often found this encouraging and felt my spirituality revived by the experience.

Comfortable old slippers

When things get frantic, or you are tired you need to know where these 'comfortable old slippers' are. When our spiritual life is vibrant we can do without them, just so long as we know where we've put them. But even 'comfortable old slippers' wear out and have to be discarded. Similarly eventually our 'comfortable words' and 'comfortable places' grow stale and we need to be wearing in the next pair. So be aware when a verse or a place or a Christian book particularly refreshes you, so you can return there in times of need.

The Rev'd Keith Nicholls

Rev Keith