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‘Superficiality is  the curse of our age ... The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people,' wrote Richard Foster back in 1980. The problem is far worse now.

When I was young (yes, we are going to have some ancient history!) there were only three main ways to send a message: post a letter, landline telephone or, on special occasions, a telegram.

Then the fax machine came along - an invention of the devil as far as I was concerned: no longer could I tell my accountancy clients that their letter must have been delayed in the post! It got worse. Email was instantaneous, and now I could be copied in on numerous messages about things I probably didn't need to know, but had to read, just in case I did.

Information overload

At one time you could escape all this by leaving the office: the mobile phone put an end to that. Now we have information coming at us from all directions all the time: 24-hour news, the internet, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

The danger is that, with so much information competing for our attention, we don't give anything the time it deserves. We suffer from 'information overload.' If you type 'information overload' into Google you will find numerous organisations offering to supply you with information about information overload! The irony of it does not seem to have occurred to them.

As a way out of the problem of information overload we can be tempted to give everything just a cursory glance. But not everything can be assimilated by the cursory glance, especially the things that really matter, the things of God. We have to choose what is ultimately important and what is not.

Spend time with what really matters

Coming soon are two good  opportunities to set aside some quality time to think deeply about what really matters. First, during Holy Week and Easter there are services which take us the through the events and meaning of the final days of Jesus' earthly life, culminating in the glorious good news of the first Easter Day.

There is much to be gained from setting aside the time to come to church on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil on Saturday and  the Easter celebrations on the Sunday,  letting Jesus speak to us through the journey he took.

Secondly, after Easter, we will be running an Alpha Course, an informal, discursive introduction to (or refresher in) the Christian faith, where you can air your views in a friendly, supportive environment. Interested? Details are here or ring Tina Molyneux on 01628 822813 for more information.

May I wish you all a very happy Easter,

The Rev'd Keith Nicholls writes

Rev Keith