The Parish of Burchetts Green

 experiences of young folk who live on the edge, often in fear,  and experiencing on-line bullying and gang-related activities.  It’s a positive ray of hope.

Helpful advice

When there is an understanding of the problems faced by the younger members of our communities and there is helpful advice on offer, if required, then we can connect more easily to a wider mix and age range of people.

Christian principles of behaviour – the difference between right and wrong, being truthful, caring and looking out for others – open up lines of communication.

The experience of the Grenfell community in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy was one of coming together to offer help and support.  It has been a journey of unimaginable grief, sorrow, anger, confusion and yet at the heart of the community there are seeds of hope for life in the future in that brave and resilient community.

They are deeply connected to each other through their common loss – of loved ones, homes, possessions and for their determination to seek justice for what has happened.

As the family of the gathered church we come together with our faith to underpin our day to day lives, to be visible and active in our communities and to grow a deeper spiritual connection with God our creator.  We were created to interact with each other living and working to praise God. Human life is precious and living life abundantly cannot be done in isolation. We need each other as we find our purpose and calling in life.

Every blessing for the summer months.


Recently we have been hearing a great deal of information about the damage to mental health in children and young adults due to the excessive time they spend looking at screens. It seems that we are becoming addicted to on-line activity and for the younger generation who have grown up with social media, time spent connected to the internet is perceived as normal.

Social network

My own grandchildren are of the age now when staying connected is part of their life.  They source information for school and university work, they interact with all their friends via Facebook and follow favourite Twitter accounts.

It all seems perfectly normal and OK because they have other interests, particularly sports related. that helps them keep a sensible balance. However, human interaction is vital for the development of social skills and our general well-being.

Reading  stories of on-line gaming addiction and effectively inhabiting a virtual world where the danger of not understanding the difference between the real world and the virtual, is a frightening prospect.

Isolation, on-line bullying, grooming and abuse are worrying aspects of how things can go badly wrong.

Staying connected to family and friends and forums that offer safe places for young people is important for finding support and encouragement.


Traditionally the church has been a safe place for children and young people to gather and have fun, alongside learning about the place of faith in life.  Today, with so many distractions and alternative means of finding entertainment, Christian organisations struggle to compete.

A number of churches in inner cities with large gatherings  are growing numerically.  This is because they are successfully providing an alternative connection to the negative