The Parish of Burchetts Green

Building on our faith and trust in God is the way forward to managing the future for the next generations to come.

The Church of England is concerned with two huge roll outs of training and protection. Firstly, the 'safeguarding' of children and vulnerable adults has the highest training priority with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The safeguarding training relates to the church and is in response to the abuse (both present and historical) that has taken place and caused untold damage and harm to individuals and their families.

It is being delivered by training officers appointed in each Diocese (on a national basis) and anyone who serves in the church in various categories will be required to complete the appropriate level of training.

The GDPR is a government initiative and by law any organisation which holds personal data of a living individual has to seek that person's permission to hold his or her data. You will have ahead noticed that commercial organisations are sending out forms to comply with the law. It's a huge exercise but one that we have to implement. In the mean time, enjoy the sunshine.


EXTREMES by Rev Dilys

Spring has at last arrived - if not even summer in the recent few days! The extremes of the weather patterns have been remarkable of late and we never know quite what to expect. For those whose livelihood depends on the weather, they have to try and manage the unpredictability and hope and pray for the best.

Areas around the world are experiencing extremes of temperature, winds, rainfall and drought which all can result in disastrous consequences. The humanitarian cost is sadly all too obvious.

A world of extremes gives rise to anxiety and instability. Human relationships flourish when there is stability and careful nurture but when we feel threatened by forces beyond our control there is a sense of hopelessness.

One of the significant effects of this is lack of trust.

Today, we are cast to the mercies of all kinds of unseen, unknown, unaccountable aspects of life that threaten our well-being. The pace and change of modern life is often overwhelming especially to the vulnerable in our society. It's easy to feel left behind, out of touch or simply forgotten.

As a church family we can help and support each other and alleviate that sense of isolation and loneliness in the community. Those of faith trust in a God of love and our church family should and does reflect that care and support that Jesus showed us and continues to offer through his risen life.  

We can never micro manage things like 'the weather' but we can do a lot to help in small ways to care for our planet and be good stewards of its wonderful resources.