The Parish of Burchetts Green

It is in the small acts of kindness, hospitality and generosity that not only bring benefit to others but builds our own sense of living in the presence of God.

Wisdom and compassion

There are many encouraging stories of church communities who engage with the changing culture of the modern world and find themselves renewed in ways that they would never have imagined. Church communities have resources of wisdom to share and models of compassionate care to offer to those who are in need.

When churches are tempted to feel defeated and marginalised within society, the time has come to take Jesus's words to heart - that only through radical action do people, churches and communities come alive.

Conversations that open up discussion about our faith and its practical application added to the desire to learn from each other bring blessings in abundance.

The Archbishop can be relied upon for his visionary gift, we just have to see that we do our best to nurture the green shoots into healthy renewal of the church.

Easter is the time of blessing, of God being present in new life and new beginnings. We are God's beloved children and trust in his eternal presence. Every blessing

blessings by Rev Dilys

It was very heartening to read that the Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he believes: 'the church is entering a new season of revival, despite living in an age of turmoil. I believe from the bottom of my heart that the long years of winter in the church are changing. 'The ice is thawing, the spring is coming' he says.

This is the positive affirmation that lifts our spirits and gives us hope for the future of the church. Exploring ways in which churches find renewed faith, purpose and energy, in a world in which Christianity is often regarded as a spent force, is the way forward.

New focus

So many of our church leaders are under pressure to grow their congregations that they are exhausted and disheartened. But exploring with congregations how together they could enter more fully into a sense of sharing God's blessing, gives a new focus.

We need to move beyond talking about God to knowing God's presence in order to become a blessing to others. We read in the Bible about the gift of blessing which draws together praise, joy, reconciliation, repentance and other life affirming experiences. If we keep centred on the reality that we are all loved by God, then we will find it easier to enfold others in that love too.

In our communities, as we learn to listen and appreciate what matters to others, then we are sharing God's blessing.