The Parish of Burchetts Green

We have a duty of care for one another as part of God's family and enjoying sharing the good things helps bond us together. It is through the sharing that we get to know each other and to work together for the benefit of everyone in our community.

Community feeling

Villages have a unique place in our perception of our heritage. We like the benefits that come from small communities. We feel we know one another and can be there for each other at times of need. Rural churches are special places that offer sanctuary and comfort but are also vital for celebration. The Christian year flows in parallel with the natural rhythm of the times and seasons and we live within these same boundaries.

The summer is a lovely time for enjoying the great outdoors, for holi days that bring refreshment and for feeling in tune with the warmth and energy of the sun.

As we appreciate the programme of social activities that are concentrated in these next few weeks both locally and further afield we can stop and reflect on all the hard work that goes into making them a success.

Enjoy the summer and feel involved in the life of your parish.

Every blessing

Successors needed in the Parish by Rev Dilys

Summer now seems to hove arrived, so I hope all the planned outdoor events in the Parish are blessed with fine, sunny weather.

Many of our loyal church family members are, inevitably with the passage of time, finding that offering to organise and run social events is becoming more difficult. There is a huge amount of work involved in organising and catering for lunches, suppers, teas and other events that require catering.

Lighten the load

Part of our Christian commitment is about offering hospitality, which is centred around shared meals, but when this becomes a burden it is time to relieve people of the responsibility or at least lighten their load.

Over the 11 years that I have served in the Parish of Burchetts Green, we have been truly blessed with a small group of dedicated people who, year in year out, have taken on such tasks and we arc enormously grateful to them.

Before they become too exhausted and forced to relinquish their input it would be good if some newer members could offer some help. It might be that a group of able-bodied dads could assist with some of the heavier lifting and carrying jobs. There are all sorts of ways which can spread the load. I do hope that this will be considered by our younger members.

Community life of which the church is a key player is for the enrichment of our experience of life.