The Parish of Burchetts Green

Full of grace and truth

I know I would rather be led to the Christian God who is infinite, a holy and loving Father: the transcendent mystery revealed in the humanity of Jesus Christ - full of grace and truth.

Jesus brings us salvation from death and being separated from God. This is unique. No other god has sacrificed himself for us. Salvation is the key to Christianity not some kind of enlightenment or paradise associated with other forms of religious experience.

The three Abrahamic faiths Christians, Muslims and Jews share a holy god. But the god of Muslims and Jews works through laws and 'salvation through works'. Only Jesus speaks of our natural sinfulness and counters it with the height and length and the breadth and the depth of the love and grace of God.

All religions, therefore,do not speak or lead to the one true God. It is the uniqueness of Jesus that is the name above all names. No other claimed to be one with God. No other claimed to forgive sin. No other has been raised from the dead to live for ever. There is no other name. It is an exclusive name but whoever calls on the name of Jesus (God incarnate) will be saved. This is the Easter message which brings hope, new life and joy. Ever blessing

at the name of jesus every knee shall bow
by Rev Dilys

Eastertide always raises questions about the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. But faith and belief in Jesus are non-negotiable for Christians. God's saving act of sacrificing Jesus for our salvation and raising him from the dead speaks to us of the nature of God.

People often like to think that all religions somehow lead to God. I have often heard the analogy of the wheel with different religions represented by the spokes of the wheel that lead to the central hub representing God. The question is which God?

Christianity would perhaps be a lot more popular and palatable to the wider world if it were not for its claim that salvation is found only through Jesus Christ ie that there is no other name under heaven that can bring salvation.


There is the view or the golden rule 'do as you would be done by'. Everybody would sign up to that and it would make life easier for us all to live in peace and harmony without being exclusive, something Christianity is often accused of. However, God is 'I am who I am' and not a construct that we would like him to be. Jesus is one with God and therefore says I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me'.

To give a reduced and much simplified overview of just some of the main religions, we could say that for Buddhists there is no personal creator or god. For Hindus, god is a philosophical absolute represented by hundreds of gods. New Age religion believes that we are all god and Islam believes in a god of judgement (rather than love) - creator but distant now from his creation. Judaism is a religion founded on laws and still awaits redemption.