The Parish of Burchetts Green

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The Rev'd Dilys Woodmore writes

Easter Reflection
English Cathedrals
Something more
Exchanging the peace
Is this how we think of heaven?
Loving the stranger
The way ahead
Seasonal thoughts
Easter Renewal

Tough decisions

The real Advent
Times they are a-changing
Successors needed in the Parish
At the name of jesus every knee shall bow
Why go to Church?
A retreat is special
Reverse Order
A closer look at Church Life
How to cope with...Set-Backs

Hidden Treasure

Walsingham Pilgrimage
Let's say The Grace together

Summer Activities

Alleluia Christ is Risen
Eight days of Easter are all important
Challenges facing the church today
Candelmas bittersweet celebration

Seasonal changes
Landscapes & Relationships
On artistic interpretation

considers compassion
Considers Crossroads

Rowan Williams is a hard act to follow
Seeing things differently


Another special anniversary
Performance Reviews

The circle of church life

Women in the Episcopacy
Worship Styles
Time and Eternity
Remember, remember, the theme of November
Reflects on her 10 years of Ministry

Developing a basis for personal development

Post Easter and the days of waiting
Sacrements of the Church
New Life
A Golden Opportunity
The "Big Society" and Advent hope
A look at Futurology
About the Pope's visit

The Rev’d Maurice Skinner writes

Not goodbye I hope!
Thank God for inspiring Sister Norma Pimental
Sabbaticals and the Christian calling

Teresa Kennard LLM writes
Community and Resurrection

Rosalind Bentley writes
Make every day worthwhile

The Rev'd Keith Nicholls writes

Taking a break
A New Term
The Resurrection
Using Our Talents
Don’t be too busy for Christmas
Living counter culturally
Standing up for our faith
The wisdom of the cross
Taking a break
The Divine Headmaster
A call on all of us
Living in a fallen world

Faith and Belonging

Wise people still seek Him
Creating Space
The truly authentic ousider
The wonders of the ordinary
Faith in difficult times
The future in the Parish
What makes the Parish tick?
The New Temple

Spiritual awakenings

Windows on to being a community
Celebrating two birthdays
Advent is a time to be realistic about ourselves
Better Together
Troubled Times

Beyond the Holidays

Welcoming the Holy Spirit

The “Me” Generation
Forgiveness, the heart of the Christian faith
God's word will guide you, as it did Jesus
Give thanks with a grateful heart
Differing attitudes to Christmas, receiving like a little child
A truly inspired book
Generous donors fund chime planned for Hurley

Getting our priorities right

Do we need to measure up to the Ten Commandment?
Your more than a chance event

The Giving Gifts

‘Jesus is our light'
Some of the meaning of Christmas  
The spirituality of distraction
Transforming the ordinary
Looks at comfort
Faithful service
On being thankful
Space for what really matters
Lent don’t you just love it?
Talks about New Ventures for a New Year

Exploring our spiritual side, No boom and bust, just bust
Responds to problems in Maidenhead
Comparing Gold with something more valuable
Echoes of a better world
The Importance of Rest
A Grand Day Out
The Value of knowing Jesus
The Path to Freedom
Parish Diversity
God of surprises
The meaning of Advent
Comparing Gold with something more valuable

The Rev'd Tina Molyneux writes
Where’s the good news gone?
My final Ordination
About autumn and change



June 4 Maisie Stewart                      Stubbings

June 11 Khloe Meutcheye                  Hurley

June 25 Jonah Bullock                       Stubbings

June 25 Felix Bullock                        Stubbings

July 1 Alistair Fieldhouse                   Hurley

July 9 Tommy Appleton                     Hurley

July 23 Tristian Burrough                   Littlewick

July 30 Reuben Ramery                     Hurley

August 6 Ava Sellwood                     Hurley

August 20 Montgomery Josiah-Browne Littlewick

August26 Penelope Moore                 Littlewick

August 27 Oliver Crawford                 Hurley

August 27 Sebastian Crawford           Hurley


June 3 Jason Leach & Emma Slade      Stubbings

June 3 Richard Quelch &Toni Blumfield Stubbings

June 24 David Peycke & Claire Devlin   Stubbings

June 24 Oliver Lomas & Victoria Robinson Littlewick

June 24 David Warren & Nicola Burton Stubbings

July 15 Paul Gandolfi & Annabel Wheeler Littlewick

July 22 James Baigent & Charlotte Clark Hurley

August5 Alex Blakey & Gemma Truslove Hurley

August 19 Harry Peat & Emma Perkins Hurley

August26 James Taylor & Kristie Stroud Hurley

Rev Keith  writes about


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Rev Dilys writes


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This is just an extract from the Parish News magazine for Burchetts Green which is published most months.

Stories, or ideas, from any part of the Parish, can be emailed to Lynn Penfold at (01628 825718) or Gilly in the Parish Office.

For a copy of the magazine please contact... Hurley, Rosemary & David Burfitt 01628 823503 Littlewick Green, Jenny Robinson 01628 822886 Stubbings, Andrea Burn 01628 626428 ...or go to the back of any of our three churches.

Recycle for Traidcraft

Sandra Moores is still collecting jewellery (gold silver, damaged or costume), watches, currency, mobile phones, cameras and electronic gadgets, includingcomputers, stamps and postcards in aid of Traidcraft. This is the charity dedicated to bringing about a world where approaches to trade can help people in deveolping countries to transform their lives. She reports that recently a cheque for £300, raised from selling Traidcraft goods, was sent to help the many projects. That's £600 since the start in November 2013.

Successful fundraising

Despite being postponed, St John's summer lunch was blessed with a glorious day in August to enjoy Greek-inspired food. Including money raised by a raffle, the profit was a few pennies over £400.

However, the hot weather seemed to deter people from drinking tea and coffee, so that the profits of £934, from the tea stall at Littlewick Show, weren't as good as last year. 'It was a great day however', says Jenny Robinson. 'All the donated cakes were sold and we all enjoyed working together. Thanks to everyone who helped and baked.'

And after the summer break …

Oasis Prayer Group first meets 5th September 2.30pm in the Priory Room

The next Midweek Communion (BCP) is on Wednesday 6th September 11.30am Stubbings church
Knit & Natter Craft Group restarts 12th September 2.00pm in the Soltau Centre, Stubbings
The next
Young at Heart Lunch in on 13th September 12.30pm in the Soltau Centre, Stubbings
CAMEO has not really taken a summer break, but next meets September 14th 3.00pm in the Priory Room Hurley

Our Harvest Festival Services are on 24th September:

10.30am Stubbings: Harvest Service

10.30am Hurley: Harvest Family Service

5.00pm Littlewick: 'All-age' Harvest Service

Details of Harvest Festival meals will be available shortly

Programme Card

Details of what is going on in our Parish during September to November,
view here>>.


June 6 Countess Vera de la Marche              Littlewick


June 6 Kenneth East                                  Slough

June 15 Maurice Tinkler                              Reading

July 13 Tony Marshall                                 Stubbings

July 18 Violet Goulden                                Stubbings

August 7 John Howard            Stubbings/Oakley Green

August 10 Beatrice (Betty) Bennett              Stubbings

August 15 Peter Greig                       Easthampstead

Interment of Ashes

June 12 Hazel MacKenzie                            Stubbings

June 18 John & Millicent Lane                      Littlewick

June 26 Brian Nolan                                   Stubbings

July 8 Maurice Tinkler                                 Littlewick

July 19 Gwen Pearce                                  Hurley

  August 10 Keith & John Lemon                     Stubbings

From the Registers

In memory of Maurice

Thank you to everyone in Littlewick Green, Stubbings and Hurley for their prayers, cards, flowers and phone calls on the occasion of Maurice's death at the end of May. Your support has been amazing and much appreciated by me and all the Tinkler family.

Jean Tinkler

200 Club winners

Margaret Burton (10) and Joanna Butterwick (34) won the 200 Club June draw while Jonquil Ruffell (100) and Jane Houston (33) were winners in the July draw. When the August draw was made at the Summer Lunch, Colin Evans (35) and Linda Ruffell (13) were winners.

New members are always very welcome, so contact me (01628 626149) if you would like to join. Tony.Ruffell

Pinkneys Green profiler

Roger Strike writes about his archives Maureen and I have lived in the Pinkneys Green area for 54 years and, because I've always been interested in local history, I have become an ardent student of Stubbings Church history.

Over these years I've collected a mass of information, including much about the church when Rev Bernard Soltau retired and moved from the old vicarage. Most of that information I deposited in the Berkshire Record Office where it's now available for public access. The church also has a catalogue of this material.

I also had a quantity of Pinkneys Green material which I had collected over the years - documents, recorded memories, photos and so on which was largely disorganised and not listed. However, I didn't want this to be scattered and lost when I finally 'lost interest', so I offered it to the Heritage Centre.

As a result I'm now an official volunteer at the centre helping to identify and catalogue this collection! As a start, every page is given a unique identifying number and entered with a description onto a data base. Quite a job!

Quite what happens next I'm not sure - no doubt the curator will weed out duplicates or unsuitable material, but T am sure the end result will be a substantial archive of this area of Maidenhead. 1hope it will grow as more people add to it, so I would be pleased to hear if anyone can contribute or you can contact the Heritage Centre directly on 01628780555. Roger Strike


LITTLEWICK VILLAGE LUNCH will be on Thursday September 14 at 1.15pm. It will cost £6 for two courses and tea or coffee Please let Gail know you are coming - 01628 828104, or Lynn Penfold - 01628 822561 or LITTLEWICK WI’s next meeting will be on September 19, inthe Gilchrist Hall, from 1.45 for 2pm. Kassi Milne-Smith will talk about beauty and reflexology.

LITTLEWICK EVENING BELLE Wl will meet at 7.45pm September 11 (the second Monday of the month) inGilchrist Hall. Sue Esssex will speak about being a housemaid in India. Details from secretary Arta Abbasi - 07990816736.