The Parish of Burchetts Green

We warmly welcome you to join us at any of our services


Still time to join 200 Club

The May 200 Club draw was held at the Young at Heart on May 2 and the winners were Mike Hennessy (number 46) and Ondre Dorsett (101), The June draw will take place at the lunch on June 13, so all those wishing to join should let me have their applications as soon as they read this.

The fee is only £2 a month so £14 will buy you a token to be included in the remaining seven monthly draws. There are prizes of nearly £50 and £25 on offer each time, so it's a good chance to make your money work for you as well as helping to fund important projects at St James's. Tony Ruffell

The archive has moved and is now located here>>.


LITTLEWICK VILLAGE LUNCH will be on Thursday June 14 at 1.15pm. Please let Lynn Penfold know if you are coming - 01628 822561 or LITTLEWICK Wl's next meeting will be at 1.45 for 2pm on June 19, in the Gilchrist Hall. Sue Essex will speak about being a house mother in India and a summer tea will be served. LITTLEWICK EVENING BELLES W|

meets at 7.45pm on the second Monday of each month in Giichrist Hail. Details from secretary Arta Abbasi - 07990816736.

This is just an extract from the Parish News magazine for Burchetts Green which is published most months.

Stories, or ideas, from any part of the Parish, can be emailed to Lynn Penfold at (01628 825718)
or the Parish Office.

For a copy of the magazine please contact... Hurley, Rosemary & David Burfitt 01628 823503 Littlewick Green, Jenny Robinson 01628 822886 Stubbings, Andrea Burn 01628 626428 ...or go to the back of any of our three churches.

Thank you says Foodbank...
and please keep helping!

Maidenhead Foodshare still needs as much help as possible from the public to keep their stocks of food at a good level.

The 'wish list:' includes tinned meat, fish, vegetables, desserts and soup. Also needed are rice, herbs, spices, cooking sauces, instant mash, tea bags, instant coffee, sugar, breakfast cereals and bars.UHT milk, biscuits, jams, fruit juices and any other non-perishable foods, plus loo rolls and cleaning materi als. Please ensure that all items donated are within their 'best before' date.

There's a drop off point at the back of each church. Many thanks to those who are already donating.

Remember the fallen

Are you a descendant of anyone on Littlewick's list of villagers who died during VVWI or know anyone who is Please contact White Waltham Parish councillor Lynn Penfold. She'd also be interested you are related to any villagers who survived the conflict.

Rev Keith writes about



by Rev Dilys

If you would like to be confirmed…

...please let the Rev Keith know. You will need to attend a short confirmation course before the confirmation service. During this service, we make the promises made by our parents and godparents when we were baptised. They are -

From the Registers


May 6 Leo Daley Littlewick


May 10 Sylvia Shellcross  Reading

May 31 Derek New   Stubbings

Thanksgiving Service

May 30 Carole Lopez   Stubbings

Interment of Ashes

May 3 Stanley Jones   Hurley

May 3 Jacqueline Jones    Hurley

Breakfast in Hurley

Sunday June 17, 9.30 to 11am

Hurley Village Hall

Yes It really is free but

donations are welcome!

Bacon rolls, croissants & pastries,

coffee, tea, juices

Music on a Summer’s Evening

with Cardiff-base folk group


6.30 for 7pm on
Saturday June 30

Bring your food, drink and

garden furniture to picnic in the intimate garden of

Bag End, High St, Hurley

Tickets £15 from

David Burfitt (823503)

Pat lies (822032)

Elaine Mordaunt (822986)


from 12.30pm,
Saturday June 23

on the lower Green




some marquees, chairs and

tables will be available. But you

may wish to bring umbrellas,

sunshades, rugs and chairs.

Races, quiz, raffle and tug a' war.


ring Simon 07880730 546

Summer Lunch

from 12.30

Sunday August 19

The Thatch

Luch includes all food and drinks
Tickets £17.50 from jenny (822886) or Lynn (822561)